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Memphis, TN, 8/8/2009

This is Bernie, Erin and Jayden's website for our friends and family. Thank you for visiting. We moved from Newport, Rhode Island to Memphis, Tennessee at the end of April 2009. Although we expected to go to Manila, Philippines after Bernie's graduation from the Naval War College, things did not work out as planned, and perhaps God really did not want us to go the Philippines. We moved down to with the help of Bernie's brother John, and drove to Memphis over three days. Everyone, especially Jayden did very well on the long drive. It took us about two weeks to move into our new rental house. Unfortunately, one member of our family, Bailey the orange and white cat, did not make it. He passed away on our laps the day we were moving into our house. We were sad, and probably still a little sad, but we planted a nice rose plant to remind us of him in our back yard. We added two cats, Gnocchi and Ji-Ji named after two cartoon cats to our family.
For everyone keeping count, this was our 4th move in as many years... we are hoping to stay here for longer than a year, but we are not sure. If Bernie is allowed to finish his tour, then we will move again in 2011... Meanwhile, we will make the best of it here in Memphis.

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